Facial Care for Men: 10 Different Beard Styles

10 Different Beard Styles
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An Overview of the Different Beard Styles:

  Men have been a symbol for power and strength even from before. Most remarkable men of revolution from the past have different looks and nationalities. From different eras, most of these men had also different styles and of course, the field they are good at; whether it would be Science, Math, Evolution, Astronomy, and even in the field of war. Most of these men have one thing in common, they all have beards! Beards, from men of revolution in different fields and all the branches of human intellect, have been a symbol of morale, style, and sometimes, poor hygiene! Beards have been there in our times from the past and even in our future, shaping different faces from different styles in the form of facial hair. These men were one of the few inspirations of today’s different styles of beards. There are a lot to choose from actually, but there are also a lot of factors that would fit the selected style of hair to the contours of your face, mustache, and hair making it more balanced and appropriate. Beards for men will only grow and grow as time goes by; this is why we’ve gathered 10 of the popular beard styles used by men today. Will you be able to fit into these styles?

10 Different Men’s Beard Styles

Here are 10 of the most used by men today. Feel free to pick!

10 Different Beard Styles1. The Stubble and the Medium Stubble

  • These types are one of the few styles which are popularly used today. The Stubble or the Short Stubble style is usually a beard connected to the mustache and sideburns, kind of looks like a mutton chop but the difference is the stubble kind looks like a week without shaving, it is can also be connected to a mustache to achieve that combo.
  • The medium Stubble is an unshaved version of the Stubble, if you don’t want to shave your regular stubble, then welcome to the next phase of it! The Medium Stubble. They both look very much alike but the Medium Stubble is puffier and more pronounced.
  • This beard style is great for all face shapes.

2. The Balbo

  • Ever heard of the iron man? This is the regularly used cut by most guys who wanted to look like Robert Downey Jr. Yes, this is the regular beard style of the portrayer of Iron Man.
  • This beard style is one of the few and highly sculpted beard styles today. The beard would have to be perfectly sculpted to form a V from the left lower cheek to the right lower cheek. The hair from the lower lip and chin are also connected by a narrow and perfectly sculpted hair. The beard also includes a simple mustache not connected to the actual beard.
  • This beard style is perfect for guys with a narrow and almost pointed chin.

3. Circle Beard

  • The Circle Beard, hence its name, involves a connected mustache and beard almost circling the mouth. This combo can be used from different forms of goatee with completely clean mutton sides.
  • Very tidy and neat, perfect for business professionals and other public figures to look presentable without letting go of their beard and mustache.
  • Great for men with Oval and Rounded face shapes.

4. Long Stubble

  • The long stubble is another form of unshaven stubbles. It is a longer version of the Stubble and Medium Stubble.
  • Perfect for all shapes of faces.

5. Full Beard

  • This style has been very popular since the dawn of civilization and America’s Civil war, and is now getting a comeback and increasing in popularity! Looks very manly and can be tidy if done correctly.
  • This type of beard style is a full lower jaw of hair and a connected mustache combo. This sounds very untidy but if done and groomed in a right way, can make a man good-looking and manly!
  • Perfect for men with diamond shaped faces and as well as triangle ones.

6. The Van Dyke

  • The Van Dyke is one of a few most popularly used by men who prefers a dirty yet cool look. The Van Dyke had a rebirth from the 17th century Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyke. This was the painter’s usual cut and is now adopted by few American actors like Johnny Depp.
  • The Van Dyke has a unique style of mixing the goatee and a normal mustache. Both are not connected with each other and would require delicate sculpting for enhanced complexity of the design.
  • Perfect for men with a narrow and pointed chin.

7. The Friendly Mutton Chop

  • This style is a signature cut of Hugh Jackman, the one who plays Wolverine in the films. The friendly Mutton Chop is revolutionized from the original style from the American Civil War. This style was adapted from General Ambrose Burnside, who had a mutton chop cut connected to his side-burns. Thus, the name side-burns was derived from.
  • This style is mainly popular because of the fluffiness of the muttons. The muttons can be grown as long as you like.
  • Perfect for guys with square and circular shaped faces.

8. Extended Goatee

  • This style is one of the most popular combos in facial hair design. This style is a mix of the regular goatee and the moustache; both are connected in the side of the mouth. This style doesn’t accommodate the sideburns so a clean shave in this area should be there.
  • Perfect for guys with oval or square shaped faces.
  • Overall, one of the most popular style used by different actors and executives for its tidiness even though you have a beard and a mustache.

9. The Garibaldi

  • This is one of the most time consuming and very thick hair plumage beard style popular today. The style looks quite untidy, but with the perfect hair style and the perfect face, you can look just as great.
  • The style is an all-out, long, thick pair of muttons and a mustache combo, both should be very thick and long. This style takes a lot of time to grow, maybe a few months would suffice.
  • Perfect for guys with rectangular and oval shaped faces.

10. Imperial

  • This style looks exactly like the mask of Vendetta or one of the three musketeers. This style is not mainly concentrated on the beard but the mustaches’ style. This has been popular even from before in the time of the 2nd
  • This style mainly focuses on the mustache so, it should have a certain curl in both ends of the mustache. You can also try on a beard for balance, add a V-shaped beard running down from your lower lip to the most bottom of your chin. The key is to extend the point downwards like a goatee.

      The beard designs that are listed above are among the most popular for men from different public and private entities today. As the beard design art grows all over the world, more of these revolutionary designs would emerge in the future, making men fit with these designs more attractive and of course, manly! These designs are beautiful, but there are a few important things you should remember to make your desired beard style more attractive and that is proper care, everyday B-complex supplements, and most of all good diet!


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