Top 7 Best Cordless Hair Trimmer For 2017 – Ultimate Guide 2017

Best Cordless Hair Trimmer
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Best Cordless Hair Trimmer: Product Reviews and Recommendations

 Evolution of Hair Trimmers

As the years go by, the types of hair trimmers available to consumers have also increased in number. Back in the day, when the supply of electricity was once still very scarce, people opted for manual clippers which only employed a squeezing mechanism by hand to get the blades to chop off hair when desired. Eventually, trimmers have been created especially for use in a particular region, such as the chin and the area above the mouth. This particular innovation has continued in the recent years, with the introduction of electric hair trimmers.

Best Cordless Hair Trimmer

Introduction of Cordless Trimmers 1

With the advent of electric hair trimmers comes the introduction of cordless, or wireless hair trimmers as well. These hair trimmers make use of rechargeable batteries, usually the Li-On type which is also widely used in electronic gadgets such as cellular phones, and even basic things like flashlights.

Benefits of Using Cordless Trimmers

There are several advantages associated with the use of the cordless hair trimmer type, including convenience, ease of use, lesser risk of electrocution, and over-all reduced expenses, given that you need not have a new wiring system of any sort just so you could easily use your electric hair trimmer in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Recommendations for Trimmers

These advantages have definitely led to the increasing popularity of the cordless hair trimmer type nowadays. If you’re on the look-out for the best cordless hair trimmer, here are 7 recommendations for you based on consumer reviews and features that makes it stand out:

1. Philips Norelco QC5570/40

Philips Norelco QC5570/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Plus


            Key Features:

There are several reasons as to why this trimmer belongs to the list of the 7 best cordless trimmers. It is well-equipped with heads capable of rotating by as much as 180 degrees, thus making hair trimming much easier for anyone to do. It is also a hair trimmer which has earned rave reviews mainly for its extra comfortable, extra safe, and easy to use design.

            Other Features:

It also boasts of a wide array of length settings, as it could trim hair as short as half a millimeter, to as long as 15 mm. You could also be ensured of its accuracy due to the precision comb and a blade that has a self-sharpening mechanism.  Charging time is also as quick as 15 minutes compared to the several hours of charging time for other brands.

2. Babyliss Pro Volare

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Full-Size Dryer


            Key Features:

One of the features that make the Babyliss Pro Volare stand out is its elegant design. It also has a rubberized surface, thus allowing you to have a more secure, and safer grip every time you shave. It has a setting of three speeds, one which is not found in a lot of cordless hair clippers.

            Other Features

A full charge could keep you going for slightly more than an hour, enough for you to go about your daily shaving. The in-purchase accessories also make this an even better purchase as it is equipped with a brush for cleaning, a charging dock, oil, and attachments for the comb to trim different lengths.

3. Remington Short Cut

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Hair Clippers, Hair Trimmers, Clippers, (13 pieces)


            Key Features:

For this brand, one of the reasons why this is on top of the list for best electric hair trimmer is because of the rave reviews from users. It employs a curved-blade technology, enabling it to give users an easy and risk-free means of trimming whatever they wish to trim.

            Other Features:

Apart from having curved blades, the blades also shave in two directions, and is equipped with the necessary accessories such as a built-in guide comb, and a comb attachment that can be removed.

4. Conair HC1100AM I-Pro

Conair Lithium Ion Cord/Cordless 20pc. Professional Clipper


             Key Features:

This hair trimmer by Conair is equipped with powerful versions of the basics, such as a hair clipper which is ideal for any hair length, a stainless steel blade with a self-sharpening feature, and a motor which is more powerful than other brands.

             Other Features:

While the charging time is quite long, it is still able to shave and trim for a total of an hour and 15 minutes at full capacity. Its purchase also comes with 10 scissors, guiding combs, a protector for the blade, a brush to get rid of stray hair, and oil for lubrication and easy gliding on the surface where hair is to be trimmed.

5. Max Trim Waterproof Face and Body Trimmer

Conair FBT1 Conair Max Trim All-in-one Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Face and Body Trimmer


               Key Features:

This variety of hair trimmer by Conair definitely lives up to its name as it offers comfort, versatility, accuracy, and precision for those who use. Furthermore, it is waterproof and could therefore be used on wet hair without the fear of being electrocuted. It can also be used for hair on the head to other parts of the body.

                Other Features:

Furthermore, it is equipped with a special trimmer to cut through hair in the nose and ears, and other areas difficult to reach for typical trimmers. For all these reasons, the Max Trim Waterproof Face and Body Trimmer by Conair is one of the best cordless hair trimmer brands you could possibly avail.

6. Conair I-Stubble for Men

Conair for Men I-Stubble, Grey


              Key Features:

The reason why this belongs to the best cordless hair trimmer varieties is largely due to its innovative and ultra-safe design. As a matter of fact, this is great to use even on the most sensitive skin. It has an LCD Display that a lot of other brands do not have. The LCD display’s function is for easier control and monitoring of the battery level.

              Other Features:

It also has a whopping 15 settings, and is able to trim hair as short as less than half of a millimeter, to as long as 5 mm. It is one of the most advanced electric hair trimmers out in the market today.

7. Oster Juice

Oster Professional Turbo A5 2-Speed Heavy Duty Detachable Blade Animal Clipper with #10 Blade 078005-314-003


             Key Features:

The classics would always be the most popular thing people opt to. Despite that, a little innovation here and there, would also be appreciated by users. This is exactly what the Oster Juice hair trimmer does, making it one of the best electric hair trimmer brands out in the market.

            Other Features:

This makes use of both classic technology and advanced design, making it stand out in the choices for hair clippers. It has a rubberized body, and enables you to cut through parts so smoothly and accurately. It has five blade lengths settings you can choose from and its battery life lasts long too.

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