Good Beard Trimmer Maintenance 101

Good Beard Trimmer Maintenance 101
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Like any device, beard trimmers should be well-maintained, especially because they help you maintain your good looks for a long period of time. They are better than scissors in ensuring that you remain fresh and clean, and you don’t have to go to the barber to get the look you want for your beard.

If you do not take care of your beard trimmer, it is going to be unreliable in the long run and you’ll have to invest in another. If that happens, you’ll have to pick from a various selection of beard trimmers on the market.

If you want to escape the headache of picking a beard trimmer, here are some of the important things you need to do to make sure that your beard trimmer remains good, serviceable, and efficient in the long run.

Always Read the Manual

People often forego reading the manual or documents included with a device they purchase, thinking that it is simple enough to learn the basic do’s and don’ts.

However, these documents should actually be the first thing you study when buying a beard trimmer because they document what exactly you need to do to maintain your device.

Don’t throw your manual away. Try remembering the instructions step by step so you don’t need to worry if your device malfunctions.

Clean Your Beard Trimmer Regularly

When buying devices like beard trimmers, they often come with their own maintenance kit that consists of cleaning oil and a brush. The brush is meant to clean the insides of the beard trimmer and free it from trimmed hair which might have been caught by accident. If left alone, the caked hair may stick to the blade and eventually cause the blade to stop working.

When you remove the hair from your trimmer, make sure you run the trimmer for a few seconds because some of it may be stuck in areas which are not usually reachable. Using a cotton swab to get inside hard to reach areas of your beard trimmer is also recommended.

What to Remember While Oiling

Beard trimmers are like car engines. They have to be well-oiled to ensure that the blades and every part inside the device works smoothly each time you use it. Keeping it lubricated also protects delicate parts of the trimmer which plays a crucial role in ensuring that you can use your trimmer for a long time.

If your device doesn’t come with a bottle of oil, worry not. You can actually use vegetable oil, and olive oil. Remember, you cannot use extra virgin olive oil, Vaseline, or other similar substances because they can ruin your trimmer. Here are some good tips you can try out while oiling your trimmer.

Make sure you first clean the beard trimmer from excess hair and gunk because it will affect the effectiveness of the oil. Once it is clean from hair and gunk, you can now oil your blades properly.

As noted above, use the correct type of cleaning oil for your blades and always make sure that you oil your trimmer while it is turned off.

When oiling, it is important to remember to use oil moderately. Add only 1 to 2 drops to the blades and allow it to sift through. If you add more than 1-2 drops, you will cause your trimmer to rattle and the oil will drip away from the trimmer.

Before oiling your trimmer, check your warranty! Normally, you can oil your trimmers well if you open the device so you can reach the blades. However, if you open your device, it is likely that you will void the warranty.

If your blade trimmer is very expensive, knowing this is very important because if your trimmer breaks within the warranty period, you may not be able to get free repairs from the manufacturer because you already voided your warranty.

Pick from Washable or Non-Washable Trimmers

There are some beard trimmers that can be washed easily with just soap and running water, allowing you to clean it easily from hair, debris and other stuff that may destroy your trimmer. Of course, you may still need to give your attention to your washable trimmer and make sure that you place the proper amount of foam on top of the blade to clean it.

Once it is fully settled, wash the foam with cold or warm water. Do not do the same process if you bought a non-washable trimmer.

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