Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer Review

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4/5 on July 11, 2016

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1,917 reviews



  • Removable head
  • Pain free trim
  • Lubrication
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheap



  • Not washable
  • Some reports of poor charging
  • Not very sturdy


An affordable trimmer that hits the mark, though with some flaws.

Want a very sturdy and powerful beard trimmer without having to spend too much? Do you want it to be agile and capable of cutting all types of facial hair in ease? Well, you do not need to worry about that because Remington made this; the MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer!


Titanium is a very sturdy metal and you are guaranteed that if you buy the Remington MB-200 Mustache, it will last you for years. The company also promises users a very perfect trim each time you use this unique trimmer. What will you get when you buy this beard trimmer?

  • It is fitted with titanium coated blades that work well with a revolutionary trimming technology that cuts easily without pulling.
  • This trimmer’s blades are constantly “lubed for life” to ensure that you do not need to keep oiling it to retain its quality.
  • It comes with an easy to use zoom wheel that helps users adjust their length settings.
  • The battery is rechargeable with LED charging indicators, indicating if you still have a full battery or if it is fully charged.


  • Cutting performance: 5/5
  • Trimming precision: 1.5-mm steps
  • Cutting length: 9 length settings (1.5mm-18.0mm)
  • Detailed trimming: 5/5
  • Adjusting length settings: zoom wheel
  • Waterproof? No
  • Usage: Cordless
  • Battery: lithium ion/NiCad batteries
  • Extras: AC charger, cleaning brushes


Like other products, Remington’s beard trimmer needs to be considered carefully before you purchase one, so here are the opinions of other users who have already purchased this product.


While some customers have noted that the trimmer had worked well in their first few months, they noticed that the battery life is not very good after a while. Some even said that the trimmer becomes useless once the batteries are no longer working.

Even if it is plugged, the device still won’t work and even if it does work, pressing the on button stops the 110V voltage which would render the device unusable. Others reported that the charger included in the device is not very good because it could barely charge the batteries. Some even had to request a new charger because it doesn’t match their trimmers.

When it comes to trimming, they said that the trimmer does not make a good and even trim, even with the different settings. Some customers also reported that the adjustment wheel that allows users to adjust the length settings is very difficult to turn.

The guard is also very wide, disabling it from giving a good trim. One even added that this trimmer would damage longer beards to the point that it will break in multiple areas. This same customer added that it only does half-cuts, despite the fact users can modify the length settings of this device.

Cleaning this trimmer is also very difficult as the flip-to-open mechanism is very fragile. Speaking of fragile state, some reported that if you accidentally drop this trimmer, it will easily break.


Other customers reported that the scrolling wheel height adjustment included in this trimmer is actually very good contrary to other beliefs, because this ensures that the trimmer holds well. One reported that even if you apply pressure, the trimmer still remains in the height position you set up. You can modify the height depending on how you want it.

Some customers said that they like the fact this trimmer has a removable head to trim beard edges so they can style their beards in whatever way they want. Trimming is also a dream for some users of this trimmer because the motor and the blades work together to ensure a pain-free trim.

The blades also remain very sharp thanks to the constant lubrication of the device.

The motor ensures that trimming is fast and easy to do for either mustaches or beards. With regards to the battery, positive customers love it because it can actually retain the power it has.

Cleaning this item up is also very good for some customers because they can easily detach the head and clean it with a brush. They also love the fact they do not need to constantly lubricate the blades since it lubricates itself while doing maintenance or cleaning.

Some customers said that the price of this trimmer is also very good because one can save up from the bottles of blade oil that would be needed if one buys a regular trimmer.

Bottom Line

Remington has been releasing some of the best accessories on the market today and their trimmers are often very unique. This beard trimmer promises results each and every time and will still help you for years to come.

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