Wahl Beard Trimmer Review

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4/5 on July 11, 2016

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2,481 reviews



  • Long battery life
  • Trims well
  • Quite quiet
  • Very light
  • Cheap!



  • Cheap looking
  • Might feel flimsy to some people
  • Not waterproof


A bargain trimmer, it does the job but don't expect any amazing features.

It is a misconception for many people that beard trimmers are very expensive. What if there was actually a beard trimmer that was very cheap and could still produce results? Wahl has actually made that work with their very own version of a beard trimmer that is very affordable and it is the Wahl Beard Trimmer #5537-1801!


When you see something very cheap, do not underestimate what it has because they can surprise you. For this Wahl Beard Trimmer, it comes with a special bonus and several other features that you can also find in other beard trimmers. Here are some of the features of this cheap but powerful beard trimmer:

  • Perfect for cutting or trimming your beard, goatee, neckline, and mustache.
  • It is fitted with high-carbon steel blades for very precise cuts.
  • Users are able to redesign their looks using the five position guide and guide combo features.
  • Cleaning this trimmer requires only soap and water.


  • Cutting performance: 5/5
  • Trimming precision: N/A
  • Cutting length: N/A
  • Detailed trimming: 5/5
  • Adjusting length settings: zoom wheel
  • Waterproof? Yes
  • Usage: Cordless
  • Battery: AA (2 pieces for the beard trimmer + 1 piece for the ear and nose trimmer).
  • Extras: personal trimmer for ear, nose and brows, 2-year warranty, mustache comb, cleaning brush, blade oil, and storage base.


With the price of this product, you may become hesitant to check this product out for yourself. Here are the opinions of other users which can help you in deciding if this trimmer is right for you.


Some customers stated that the price is already an indicator that it will not last them too long. One reported that after one good trimming session, it was no longer working, even if there was no damage to the trimmer itself.

The cheap price, they also added, also indicates that the trimmer itself is not perfect as the batteries do not sit well inside the trimmer. The make of the body is also very brittle and the other parts started exhibiting signs of malfunctioning in only a few weeks.

In terms of trimming, some customers said that this trimmer is very painful to use and it felt like the blades are made from the cheapest material. Some of them even smelt something burning as they trimmed their beards.

One said they developed red spots due to the material of the trimmer and others reported they experienced pulled hairs as they trimmed with this product. They also criticized the loud and fast trimming of this trimmer, disabling them in guiding the trimmer to their preferred trimming movements.

One positive reviewer indicated that it is best only for beards which are short, because this trimmer may not be able to handle the work. Another customer said that this trimmer is not actually waterproof and cause several parts to rust easily, including the batteries. Even turning this trimmer on and off is a problem for some because it often malfunctions.


Aside from the one of a kind price this trimmer has, many actually love this trimmer because it is very sturdy despite the light feeling the plastic has, which may seem to be flimsy for some. One said he had his trimmer for seven years, even with minimum maintenance.

Some customers said that the battery life of this trimmer is very good as the batteries they first placed in the device lasted them months. As far as its trimming capacity is concerned, many customers said that it actually trims very well, even if it is cheap.

One reported that even with the lowest setting, it cuts perfectly and the motor was able to do it without stopping. The attachments also work well, even if they were not used to using the guides included in the system.

The only sound the device makes as it trims is a low buzzing sound. They also love the fact that this beard trimmer is very light and takes very little space without having to worry about cords and chargers. With regards to the extra attachments of this item, they all say that they work, even if they look cheap.

Bottom Line

Wahl has been in the business of grooming for the past 89 years and they were the ones who first invented what people now know as a beard and mustache trimmer. If you get this product, you are guaranteed to receive a very good, durable, and professional trimmer that the guys back in Wahl have been perfecting for years.

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